WORLD CHILDREN’S DAY – 20th November 2023


As part of our contribution to Manchester becoming a UNICEF UK Child Friendly City and supporting as child rights based approach, our plan for World Children’s Day is to run a Career Day. This will be in the form of a Stay, Play and Learn session at our Baguley Children’s Centre on 20th November 2023 (time to be confirmed).

The Principle of a Child Rights-Based Approach we are focusing on is:


Every child has a right to life and each child and young person should enjoy the same opportunities to flourish so to be safe, healthy, grow and develop.

From birth to adulthood, children and young people develop in many different ways – physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually and educationally – and different professionals should work together to help make this happen.

The Career’s Day introduces the world of work to children across many different jobs that exist in adulthood. It helps to demonstrate the different paths they can choose to take and they have opportunities to choose how they can develop and flourish. The Early Years activities suggested supports physical, emotional, social and educational development.

Children will rotate around each role-play Career station that mirror real-world jobs. They will get “paid” for each job they do and collect a stamp per Career to receive a Career Day certificate.