Our Ambition


We will adopt a child rights-based approach that provides children and young people with meaningful opportunities to influence decisions about their lives.

This approach will be made of seven principles based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and general human rights principles: 

  1. All children and young people are valued and respected citizens, treated with care and respect in all circumstances. 
  2. All children and young people enjoy all of their rights all of the time because all rights are equally important. 
  3. The best interests of children and young people are a top priority in all decisions and actions that affect them. 
  4. All children and young people are supported to freely express their opinion; they are both heard and listened to. 
  5. Every child and young person has an equal opportunity to make the most of their lives and talents, and none have to endure poor life chances because of discrimination. 
  6. Strong relationships and meaningful and open dialogue between children and young people, professionals and local politicians make rights a reality. 
  7. Children and young people are supported by adults to enjoy opportunities, to be safe, healthy, grow and flourish.
2022 Our Year

Our journey to become a Child Friendly City is part of the legacy of ‘2022 Our Year’ – a year long programme of activities, events and opportunities across the city for children and young people.

Working together with a range of partners and businesses, we responded to what 2000 children and young people told us they wanted. 

Watch our video to see highlights from the year. 


Some of the key achievements from 2022 Our Year include: 

6000+ pieces of equipment donated, including sportswear, sports equipment, arts and craft supplies, IT, books.

2000+ young people attended Our Year MCR Day Youth Festival.

1700 attended the launch of Baby Week. 4,038 participants across the week.

Enhanced Holiday offer throughout 2022 with 44,019 young people accessing holiday provision across 4829 sessions.

An additional 150 neuro-diverse young people were supported to attend the Art Assembly.15,000+ children and young people have attended an event or opportunity linked to the Our Year programme.

120 young people attended the Our Year community Iftar.
Over 1000 young people took part in the Manchester Day Parade. 

3000 people attended the Our Year Play Day event.

300 young people had their artwork displayed in prominent city centre venues. 

3000 young people recorded their skills development around teamwork, self belief, self management, problem solving and communication. 

300 young people accessed an outdoor residential for the first time.