Manchester Youth Council

We are a small group of young people who are passionate about making a difference in the city of Manchester. We are known as Manchester Youth Council (MYC). MYC is a space for young people and if there is anything that you want to achieve, we aim to make it happen. We were established in 2012 which means we’ve been around for quite a while!


MYC meet weekly to discuss the issues affecting young people. Which leads into creating campaigns for other young people across our great city. You will have the opportunity to meet with and speak to key decision makers in the City Council as well as across the city. MYC co-produces workshops and training sessions for other young people and adults.


We also deliver lots of exciting events. All of this helps us to make sure that when we are voicing our opinions, we can do so in a way that will make Manchester the best city to grow up in, to get an education, to play, live and work in.


Young people who join Manchester Youth Council will have opportunities to represent Manchester youth voice at local, regional and national levels.


No experience is required to join, and we’ll give you lots of new skills, experiences and training so come and continue the legacy that is MYC!

4 young people standing in front of a cartoon tram



The Change Makers are a growing group of young people with SEND who represent and gather the views of other young people. They help to shape the Local Offer (that is, all the services that are on offer across the city for children and young people with SEND and their families.) New members are always welcome.


To get involved email 

Young Carers


If you’re a child or young person who helps take care of someone at home, there’s lots of support on offer for you in Manchester, and ways for you to have your say. Many schools and colleges now have their own young carers support groups – where young carers can get together with their peers and chat about what could help make things better for them.


Find out more at or ask your teacher.