In the true spirit of Our Year the Moss Side Power House supported young carers and young adult carers across the city to upcycle, design and host a fabulous Fashion Show! The event was a huge success and the feedback from children and adults was amazing!  This really reflects the wishes of Manchester young carers who asked us to help them feel included and allow them to make their own friends.  Through this project the young carers worked with other community members, with a focus on reducing waste and taking a stand against fast fashion!  The show highlighted the transferable skills of young carers and really helped to raise awareness of the causes that are important to them!




Manchester Street Poem showcased work completed earlier this year with young carers from St Peters High School, this was really powerful work and reflects what young carers feel is important for a child friendly city.  The event was very well attended and the children were delighted to meet special guest Donna Ludford the wonderful  Lord Mayor of Manchester.




Don’t worry if you missed the show, there will be an opportunity to see the items displayed at the Horsfall Art Gallery from the 9th of December 22

Image of the Lord mayor with children and carers against an Our Year Feature wall