Future of Cities Art Competition

What do you think Manchester will look like in the year 2122?


We can’t wait to see your vision of the future!
• Artwork to be no larger than A4 size
• Closing date for entries 9th September 2022
• Gallery display 3 – 7th October 2022


Cushman & Wakefield is a real estate company. Our people work in and for some of the biggest and busiest offices, shops and entertainment venues in the world. We are always looking to the future, imagining what our world will be like…

We want you to think about the Year 2122, one hundred years from now, what do you think Manchester will look like?


• How will people get to work and children to school? Will buses and cars fly?

• What will shops look like? Will robots help us pay for things?

• Will we still have parks and play areas? Could there be a beach in Manchester City Centre?!

• Will offices get taller and taller, reaching into the sky? Will people work in the clouds?!


We want you to draw, paint, colour, and create your Future of Manchester. Let your imagination run wild, we can’t wait to see your idea of the future!


Artwork will be displayed at 11 York Street, Manchester.


Prizes include: £50 Smyths Toy Voucher (x2) and

Tickets for 4 to the Lowry Theatre. More to be confirmed.


Please include your name, age and school on your entry.

For further details or to get involved, please contact the Our Year Team or Ellie Buck (ellie.buck@cushwake.com)


Cushman & Wakefield
No 1 Marsden Street
M2 1HW


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